Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buck: Against Dumb

Buck: Against Dumb:re-blog from Motionographer

Buck‘s back again for Smart Car’s campaign, Against Dumb. It’s the eco-friendly-car idea explored in quite a particular way; a retro colour pallette, mixed with a precise sense of timing and narrative transitions, adds up to a solid piece of classic Buck.

Creative Director Orion Tait kindly shared some words about the project with Motionographer:

“Our pals over at Strawberry Frog approached us with a great little script, an open animation brief and a pretty tight schedule. We’ve done a couple projects with them recently, and they loved the piece we did for Waiting for Superman. Striking the right balance of tone was important; If taken too seriously or too flippantly, we ran the risk of alienating viewers and accentuating the potential hypocrisy in a message like this. So the direction was to have fun with it, to be anthemic without being preachy. As always, music and sound design help quite a bit in this regard, and as always Antfood totally nailed it.”

Director: Buck

Creative Director: Orion Tait

Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

Producer: Kitty Dillard

Design: Gareth O’Brien / Yker Moreno

Lead Animation: Gareth O’Brien

Additional Animation: Harry Teitelman / Chad Colby / Claudio Salas /Jacques Khouri

Sound Design & Music: Antfood

VO Talent: Tirtzah Wilson

Agency: Strawberry Frog

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