Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monica Grzymala tapes up Sumarria Lunn

Monica Grzymala tapes up Sumarria Lunn:re-blog from CRBlog

Artist Monika Grzymala has created this dramatic installation, made entirely with black tape, within the Sumarria Lunn gallery in London...

The show sees Grzymala take over the entire gallery with the installation, changing the way visitors interact with the space. It is the latest in a series of site-specific tape installations by the artist, who has previously exhibited at galleries including MoMA New York, the Tokyo Art Museum and the Drawing Room in London.

Grzymala, who is based in Berlin, describes her art as being more akin to drawing than installation, viewing the works as complex drawings that leave the walls to take over the surrounding space. She also stresses the performative nature of the work, with each piece requiring a huge physical effort to create. "Whenever I leave a work, I feel as if I leave a part of me, a part of my body behind," she says. "There's a connection – an invisible line from Berlin to London to New York."

While previous pieces have featured coloured tape, Grzymala has decided to work entirely with bold, black lines at Sumarria Lunn, resulting in a stunning installation. The exhibition is on show until November 11, and more info is available at All the photographs shown here are by Monika Grzymala and are shown courtesy of the artist.

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