Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Roundup: Psyop for MetLife – “Everyone”

Super Bowl XLVI Roundup: Psyop for MetLife – “Everyone”:re-blog from Motionographer

While we can’t speak for everybody, we were generally underwhelmed by the assemblage of usually impressive commercials to air during Super Bowl XLVI. Unquestionably, game day saw an onslaught of auto spots, and while we’re not here to argue the cool factor of Clint Eastwood selling us a Chrysler or Matthew Broderick dishing out another Ferris Bueller movie, what works for the slick, more agency-driven sites doesn’t always work for Motionographer. That said, we saw one spot(s) that we felt deserved a little love.

In an epic reunion of classic cartoon characters from years gone by, MetLife’s Everyone, created by Psyop and agency CP+B, hold an all-star family reunion of old-school toons. Not since Roger Rabbit have animation fans seen so many of their childhood pals together in one super-nostalgic, simply awesome homecoming. The piece trots back in time to the days of Peanuts, Warner Brothers, Filmation and Hanna-Barbera but stops short of bridging the generational gap with the Nickelodeon, WB, and the Disney Channel era of TV toons. After all, who better than He-Man — 80s hand-drawn muscleman and defender of Eternia — to ensure the financial security of every family, everywhere? And, if you’re inspired to geek out even more, then check out the mini-spots below and watch Voltron do The Robot, Snagglepuss throw a tantrum, directors search for Waldo or Yosemite Sam have a celebrity-style meltdown.


Voltron Doing The Robot Between Takes of MetLife’s “Everyone”

Snagglepuss Won’t Be Ignored — Behind-The-Scenes of MetLife’s “Everyone”

Director Searching For Waldo on the Set of MetLife’s “Everyone”

Yosemite Sam Melts Down on the Set of MetLife’s “Everyone”

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