Wednesday, April 11, 2012

High Speed Photobooth: Participatory, Poetic Slow-Motion

High Speed Photobooth: Participatory, Poetic Slow-Motion:

Stretch out three seconds into 3,000 frames: even in our world of digital and photographic wonders, the simple ability of photography and motion to manipulate time remains magical. The lowly photobooth can still delight. Having seen Pablo Garcia’s machines earlier this week, I wanted to follow up with his “High Speed Photobooth,” which combines high-speed photography with YouTube sharing for a modern take on the photobooth that makes the participant into the special effect.

It’s a reminder of what the role of photography can be in visual interaction and performance.
More detail:
An update to the familiar self-operated photo booth, this booth shoots a brief 3-second video at 1000 frames per second. Once captured, integrated software stretches the video to nearly one minute, slowing quick action to reveal normally imperceptible movements. The video is automatically uploaded to the Arts Festival YouTube channel, collecting together all the 3-second experiments the public performed throughout the festival.

Booth Design: Pablo Garcia and Spike Wolff

Software/Hardware Design: Riley Harmon and Dan Wilcox

Booth Construction: Kyle Rood

Camera Provided by: Matt Kearney of Fastec Imaging

Lighting Provided by: Gil Penderly of Visual Instrumentation Corp
Support by

The Jill Watson Family Foundation

Studio for Creative Inquiry [Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh]
A view of the complete installation and rig:

Video from the festival:

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