Monday, June 25, 2012

Artisan / UVA: Sprint “The Dream”

Artisan / UVA: Sprint “The Dream”:

Do androids dream of electric sheep? Do cell phones dream of interactive on-screen cinema experiences? Artisan (part of UVA) used their in-house content mapping framework, d3, to create a stunning cell phone warning. The making-of that shows off the practical effects they filmed is particularly impressive.
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Team Sprint – Campaign Credits:

Client/Ad or Campaign: Sprint’s “Dream” Cinema PSA for NCM Theaters

Agency: Team Sprint – Leo Burnett & Digitas

Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle

Creative Directors: Michael Boychuk, Kevin Drew Davis, Mark Moll

EVP, Executive Director of Production: Chris Rossiter

Producer: Bryan Litman, Amanda Riley

Account Team: Vanessa Mackey, Julie Holton and Melissa Wolf

Production Company: Artisan

Director: Artisan and Chris Turner

VFX/SPX: Artisan

Editorial: Trim Edit

Editor: Paul Hardcastle

Director of Photography: James Medcraft

Sound Design: Scanner
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