Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adam and Eve a la David Wilson for Skream

Adam and Eve a la David Wilson for Skream: from Motionographer

The crew over at Blinkink have been one of the few major forces in the UK keeping the spirit of indie music videos alive — one of the leaders of the pack is a young fellow called David Wilson. Named best new music video director last year at the MVA’s last year, he continues to push the envelop with his latest oddity for Skream and his most ambitious narrative to date; the story of Adam and Eve.
Along with a few other London up-and-comers, David is leading the charge with a return to craft and sweat. Raw labor and a love for exhaustive and often archaic techniques, specifically Strata-Cut animation in this piece, produce consistently fresh visuals.
And the making of…

On a side note, this video was actually commissioned by Blink themselves via Tempa — an interesting new take on a self-generative model.

Listeninʼ To The Records On My Wall (Tempa Records)

Director: David Wilson

Producer: Georgina Filmore

Executive Producer: Bart Yates

Production Manager: Tom Berendsen

Production Company: Blinkink

DoP: Toby Howell & Christophe Leignel

Camera Operator: Chris Nunn

VFX Motion Control: Malcolm Wooldridge & Digna Nigoumi

Art Director: Theo White, David Curtis-Ring & Ceridwen Brown

Srata-Cut Artist & Animator: Joseph Mann

Strata-Cut Assistant: Lydia Smith & Lauren Brown

Material Effects: Niek Pulles

Art Department Assistant: Joshua Stocker, Joe Myers, Iona Davis,

Yasameen Noorian, Daisy Roth, Jonathan Venga, Cornelia

Temple-Richards & Helen Leworthy

Hair/Make up: Lucie Norris

Choreographer: Mark Battershall

Making of: Rob Leonard

Casting Director: Nana Klimek at Headnod Talent Agency

Adam: Benedict Smith

Eve: Harriet Shillito

Editor: Vanessa Wood at Speade

Post Production: The Mill

Producer: Paul Schleicher & Serena Noorani

Colourist: James Bamford

Lead Flame Artist: Gareth Brannan

Assistant Flame Artist: Gareth Parr & Ilia Mokhtareizadeh

Nuke Artist: Donal Nolan, Ben Smith, Georgina Ford, Pete Hodsman, Dave Lee

& Maxime Chaix

Matte Painting: Dave Gibbons

Commissioner: Bart Yates & Sarah Lockhart

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