Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A New Traktor Controller is Coming

A New Traktor Controller is Coming: from DJTECHTOOLS

NI just released a teaser video featuring Dubfire rocking Space, Ibiza with an un-identified Traktor controller and software. Learn what we know about this new release along with some high resolution screen grabs after the jump!


As usual, the staff at TechTools has some inside info that we cant yet share with you- Dammit! Contractual obligations will allow me share the following tidbit of info: I was directly involved with its concept and design. Look for cryptic braille messages hidden in future post images that will provide clues about the future of djing (not really- but that would be fun!)


Pausing a 30 second video can be a pain in the but so we grabbed and cleaned up a few of the best shots so you can get a better look at the controller.


Should a dj wish to speculate, one could deduce the following from the screen shots above:

  • There is a new software on the way with 4 loop players/samplers
  • This will be a 2 deck/4 channel mixing console much like the new Xone DX
  • It has a built in sound card and will be around the same price as the DX ($1200 ish)
  • The decks are switchable from a-b c-d
  • Lots of good led feedback
  • what looks like 4 cue pads per deck

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