Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daft Punk joins Phoenix on stages. ARE THEY BACK?

VIDEO: Daft Punk joins Phoenix on stage, seems totally pointless/lame from Hipsterrunoff

Every now and then, 2 bands will 'collab' on stage just to produce a bloggable meme that every1 has to blog because there is so much brand synergy that u can't 'pass it up', u have to let ur readers know that it was a meaningful experience, and if ur life was meaningful, u would have been there 2 experience it. Just read a bunch of blogs 'flipping their shit' abt Daft Punk joining Phoenix on stage. Watched like 10 minutes of shaky youtube clips trying to ascertain whether or not this was amazing/bloggable, but decided to go ahead and post it so u can have the same empty feeling inside as me.

Check out these entry levelers 'flipping their shit.' H8 collabs of bands on stage where they are clearly just trying to 'meme' and don't really ever unify their sound.

I remember back in the day, before Phoenix was mainstream and Daft Punk wasn't rlly a universal brand, I probably woulda vibed to this. Maybe in like 2k4. But c'mon. It's 2k10. Not gonna get excited about this entry-level mainstream collab going down at Madison Square Garden.

Here is another snuff-esque clip. U don't have to watch it. Really unfulfilling.

Here is some video clip by some guy who is sitting in the last row of the mainstream arena, but still felt inspired 2 capture this moment 4 youtube.

Should Daft Punk join Phoenix?

Do u think these French Indie Wavers are 'taking over America'?

Should America prevent French bands from 'getting too mainstream' and stealing our buzz dollars?

Are French ppl better at music than Americans?

Do they 'get' pop music?

Is Phoenix the most successful indie band in the history of indie?

Do u wish u were at Madison Square Garden to be a part of this epic moment in indie history?

Do u feel insignificant cuz u weren't there?

Do u think they made 'beautiful sounds' or were they 'forcing it' and it ended up making them both sound/look dumb?

Are Phoenix + Daft Punk 4 lamestreamers?

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