Friday, June 24, 2011

Gobelins: Annecy 2011

Gobelins: Annecy 2011:re-blog from Motionographer
The second year students at Gobelins have made another round of short films to celebrate Annecy 2011. There’s five of them, each impressive, check them all out after the jump.

Lights OutAloyse DESOUBRIE BINET, Sandrine HAN JIN KUANG, Stéphanie PAVOINE, Jonathan VERMERSCH, Etienne METOIS

Grand CentralCharlotte CAMBON, Théo GUIGNARD, Noé LECOMBRE, Hugo MORENO, Soizic MOUTON

Oh gee Oh why – Hanne GALVEZ, Yoann HERVO, Juliette LAURENT, Stéphanie MERCIER, Pierre ZENZIUS

Hello BrooklynAlice BISSONET, Benjamin MOREAU, Corentin PENLOUP, Marion ROUSSEL, Louis THOMAS

Jazz’inJoël CORCIA, Wandrille MAUNOURY, Bong NGUYEN, Thomas RETEUNA, Bernard SOM

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