Friday, September 2, 2011

15 Wallpaper* covers by 15 image makers

15 Wallpaper* covers by 15 image makers:re-blog from CRBlog

Wallpaper* has collaborated with GFSmith on a cover project that looks to celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary. 15 designers or brands were approached to each create a special cover design, to be printed on Colorplan paper stock. Collaborators include Build, It's Nice That, James Joyce, MadeThought, Nike, and Spin...

"Wallpaper* asked us to commission 15 designers to each produce a 'celebrity' bespoke cover around the concept of Wallpaper* Famous for 15 years'," explains GFSmith's James Groves.

"In the true sense of bespoke, using digital printing by FE Burman, each cover design was printed on to the stock of the designer's choosing from our Colorplan range," continues Groves. "FE Burman pushed the printing by using many different processes including multiple passes of white ink. The results show how choice of paper plays an integral part of the design process."

Without further ado, here are the 15 covers:

1. James Joyce's design is printed on Cool Grey

2. Peter Crawley and Mark Blamire chose Turquoise Colorplan for their collaborative design

3. Paul Antonio's design appears on Dark Grey

4. And Nike's design appears, appropriately, on Park Green

5. Plus Agency opted for Vellum White

6. Build / Factory Yellow

7. Regard's design is on White Frost

8. Ico's design is printed on Mandarin

9. And Agent Provocateur's design is on Candy Pink

10. Accept & Proceed Real Grey

11. MadeThought / Mist

12. Johanna Bonnevier for Topshop is printed on Citrine

13. Spin / Harvest

14. It's Nice That / Lavender

15. Studio Makgill / Powder Green

Sadly, the covers have been produced in super-limited editions so won't be available on newsstands or even to subscribers, although an exhibition is planned to show off the work of the 15 designers and to further celebrate the magazine's 15th anniversary.

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