Friday, September 2, 2011

Turner Duckworth gives Diet Coke new look

Turner Duckworth gives Diet Coke new look:re-blog from CRBlog

Following its multi-award-winning repackaging of Coca-Cola, Turner Duckworth has created a new look for Diet Coke based on a cropped version of the brand's logo

The new packaging, which Coke says is a 'limited edition' (for now at least) uses a graphic that is basically a crop of the logo wrapped around the can – full versions are also applied just in case shoppers were unable to identify the brand. Put two of the cans together and the word 'OK' is (sort of) spelled out.

Here's how the new look will work on multipacks

and in bottle form

The design world was split on Turner Duckworth's previous Coke work (selection below) which involved stripping away a lot of the extraneous clutter that has come to feature on most soft drink cans. Although the work won just about every major award going following its launch in 2008, some designers thought it too 'easy' or obvious a solution – perhaps ignoring how difficult it must be to get big FMCG brands to just leave well alone for once.

According to AdWeek Coke is saying that “this new concept will only be around for a short time.” We shall see.

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