Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buck: Against Dumb

Buck: Against Dumb:re-blog from Motionographer

Buck‘s back again for Smart Car’s campaign, Against Dumb. It’s the eco-friendly-car idea explored in quite a particular way; a retro colour pallette, mixed with a precise sense of timing and narrative transitions, adds up to a solid piece of classic Buck.

Creative Director Orion Tait kindly shared some words about the project with Motionographer:

“Our pals over at Strawberry Frog approached us with a great little script, an open animation brief and a pretty tight schedule. We’ve done a couple projects with them recently, and they loved the piece we did for Waiting for Superman. Striking the right balance of tone was important; If taken too seriously or too flippantly, we ran the risk of alienating viewers and accentuating the potential hypocrisy in a message like this. So the direction was to have fun with it, to be anthemic without being preachy. As always, music and sound design help quite a bit in this regard, and as always Antfood totally nailed it.”

Director: Buck

Creative Director: Orion Tait

Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

Producer: Kitty Dillard

Design: Gareth O’Brien / Yker Moreno

Lead Animation: Gareth O’Brien

Additional Animation: Harry Teitelman / Chad Colby / Claudio Salas /Jacques Khouri

Sound Design & Music: Antfood

VO Talent: Tirtzah Wilson

Agency: Strawberry Frog

Monday, November 29, 2010

Reuters Best Photos of 2010

Reuters Best Photos of 2010:re-blog from TheCoolist

Out of the half-million photos that Reuters photographers produce each here, Reuters has selected 55 as the Best Photos of 2010. These photographs capture the human spirit at play and in turmoil within the natural world around us. The Pakistani floods, the Gulf oil spill, the Shanghai World Expo, the [...]

Underworld - Live on TV!

Underworld - Live on TV!:re-blog from The Beatery
I’m supposed to be writing a SYTYCB article but it’s having trouble manifesting itself so in the meantime please enjoy a video of Underworld performing Always Loved a Film live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Their television performances are rare, and it is a neat way to get a well-lit look at their live setup. Not sure why they brought all the guitars and other things. Hopefully they played more than one song and didn’t just set them up for show.

Tron Legacy Projection show at London Southbank

Tron Legacy Projection show at London Southbank: re-blog from Motionographer

Hey Londoners, come see the Tron Legacy Projection Mapping show on London’s Southbank! There are also a re-creation of Flynn’s arcade, the original TRON arcade game, and other stuff…More info, click on this post

Saturday, November 27, 2010

TRON Sam Flynn Collectable Figure with Light Cycle

Are you ready to get on the Grid?

To keep in line with the TRON: Legacy movie launch in Christmas, our 1/6th scale Sam Flynn Collectible Figure with Light Cycle is coming very soon! Stay tuned! (The product shown in this teaser is not final.)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Levi’s “The Trucker” by Laundry!

Levi’s “The Trucker” by Laundry!: re-blog from Motionographer

The Klaxons: Twin Flames and the rise of the NSFW video

The Klaxons: Twin Flames and the rise of the NSFW video: re-blog from Motionographer

1989 was a big year. It marked the fall of the Berlin wall, the year of the first ever liver transplant, and the release of “Like a Prayer” by Madonna. It was also the year that Brian Yuzna’s revealed his twisted fantasy horror “Society” to the world.

Once seen, never forgotten, it’s certainly stuck in the mind of London-based music video director Saam Farahmand (Simian Mobile Disco – Cruel Intentions, The XX – Islands, Soulwax – Part of the Weekend Never Dies) with his most recent video for long-time collaborators The Klaxons.

Interestingly, considering Society was so highly acclaimed for its make-up and physical effects, Farahmand has chosen to execute his video with clever use of motion control rigs and computer blending. Using techniques of the modern combined with inspiration from the old, Saam creates a wonderful homage to “Society” in this no-holds-barred NSFW video for the band.

This piece also highlights the current trend in directors and commissioners being able to push the censorship boundaries. Although there have always been controversial promos, it begs the question as to whether the MTV censors are factoring as highly in creative decisions now that we have the level playing field of the online community, or, dare I say it, are more controversial videos being commissioned in order to stand out from the online crowd and rack up the hits?

Containing nudity and graphic scenes, this wonderfully executed piece transports you into a world where flesh is as versatile as rubber. Hold onto your hats! It’s a twisted triumph.

Klaxons – Twin Flames (Polydor)

Director: Saam Farahmand / Partizan

Producer: Ella Sanderson

Production Manager: Julie Crosbie

1st AD: Rob Thorpe

DP: Dan Bronks

Art Director: David Lee

Asst Art Director: Laura Marsh

Dir. Assistant: Shiny

Hair & Makeup: Lisa Mustafa, Pamela Cochrane

Stylist: Heather Noir

Editor: Gus Herdman @ Trim

Lead Visual Effects Artists: Ric Comline & Jasper Kidd @ Blind Pig

2D VFX: Tim Andrews, Michael Brown, Mark Pinheiro @ Blind Pig

Flame Artists: Phil Oldham, Michael Smith, Ben Robards, Richard Bainbridge, Simon Holden, Anthony Walsham @ Blind Pig

Combustion Artists: Owen Saward, David de Min, Krissy Nordella, Betty Cameron, Rob Drury @ Blind Pig

3D VFX Artists: Christopher Holmes, Guillaume Julien @ Blind Pig

Post Producers: Dan Bennett, Aimee Safko @ Blind Pig

Commissioner: Ross Anderson & Emily Tedrake

Big Think Series: What is Motion Media Design? (Part 1)

Big Think Series: What is Motion Media Design? (Part 1): re-blog from Motionographer
Editor’s Note: The Big Think Series attempts to step back from our frame-to-frame existence and look at the bigger picture. This post is from Austin Shaw, a designer and director currently serving as a Professor of Motion Media Design at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

Motion Media Design Fractal © Austin Shaw 2010

This is a question that many Motion Media Designers struggle to answer. Is it Motion Graphics? Is it Animation? Is it Branding? The Theory presented in the fractal diagram above seeks to answer some of these questions.

Motion Media Design builds on the tradition of many creative disciplines. To break it down to its essence, I have constructed a fractal image that is essentially a set of cross continuums. Each continuum represents a pair of complementary opposites. Being complementary means that each opposing end of a continuum completes and/or balances its opposite. That means that an aspect of Motion Media Design such as “Motion” is not complete without its complementary opposite, “Stillness.”

This theory is expressed through the idea that a beautiful motion piece begins with a beautiful still image. A single Style Frame is most often the genesis of a Motion Design piece. In practice, I typically begin a Design Board striving to achieve a frame with a dynamic composition. Once I have a great composition, I will create another frame in the sequence, either before or after my first ‘Hero’ frame. Creating beautiful motion becomes an extension of creating beautiful compositions in still frames. The process of animating can be a journey from one amazing composition to the next as planned out in a Design Board.

If you look at the fractal diagram you will see the words “Change” and “No Change” at either end of the Motion / Stillness continuum. These serve as tipping point guidelines to know where a piece stands along the continuum. The question to ask to determine where a piece is located along the continuum is “Is it changing?.” If it is changing then it is tipping towards Motion. Conversely, if it is not changing then it is tipping towards Stillness. Let’s have a look at an example of each…


"MASKS" Panda Panther for Zune

Now take a moment. Reflect on what you just experienced. Then take a look at an example of Stillness…


"Still Life"

To be clear, I am not placing a value judgment on either Motion or Stillness. Rather, I am attempting to highlight their differences as to better understand their respective strengths. In the Panda Panther piece, I am amazed at the richness of Change. The music and sound design creates movement through emotion. The camera angle is constantly changing from wide to medium to tight shots. The point of view of the beings of the opposing armies changes as they exchange masks, not to mention our view of these beings as semi-savage warlike critters, to cute and childlike characters. Change can be experienced both externally in what we see, and internally in how we perceive and feel.

Now, contrast the experience of ‘Masks’ with the still life of the flower. Silent and calm is what I feel, especially heightened immediately following the viewing of the Motion piece. There is a serenity rooted in the Stillness, a theoretical snapshot of a moment in time. Both pieces may share many similar qualities, but there are fundamental differences.

It is important to note that the notions of absolute Motion or absolute Stillness exists only in theory. You will indeed find moments of Stillness in Motion as well as Motion in Stillness. However, the overall quality of a piece will tip towards one end of the continuum or the other.

I am curious to hear your responses to the experience of Motion compared to Stillness.

To be continued in Part 2: Art & Design

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


FREITAG – F48 HAZZARD Backpack:re-blog from Polkadot

A very nice video to present the last bag ( a backpack, actually) from Freitag. I guess you can use the bag even if you are not an acrobat..

The new backpack F48 HAZZARD performs all the tricks of the trade. Trust it with your life: There is storage for your digital darlings (up to 17″). Trust it with your career: Carry it landscape-wise, with stowed away shoulder straps. Executive Summary: The F48 HAZZARD is square enough for business, without losing uniqueness

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Post-it Love (10,000 times like!)

Post-it Love:

Love post-its! :)

We can write anything we want, make drawings and more.

Feature Film by Si & AD. | Via


SUPAKITCH & KORALIE:re-blog from Polkadot

Amazing wall painting by artists Supakitch and Koralie at the Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg, Sweden. In case you were wondering, it took them about 4 days to finish it.

Hermès Finger Skate

Hermès Finger Skate:re-Blog from Polkadot

Brand new campaign from Hermes, featuring products from the latest collection and a session of “Finger Skate” skate with your fingers. More at, an interactive microsite featuring their products related to different themes including video, cool animation, downloadable screensavers and more.

An idea and a video directed by film director Alexis Milant.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Ipad Dj Apps Dip into Itunes

New Ipad Dj Apps Dip into Itunes: from DJTechtools

With Apple now allowing all Ipad apps to directly access music in the Itunes music library, a bevy of new programs will begin to offer the first peeks at what future ipad djing might look like. In the example above, the Djay software from Algoriddim has been ported over to the Ipad with a few nice touch elements that appear to work quite well. Numark also explores the paradigm of auto mixing with the IDJ app, which we have after the break.


There is one other application (that we know of) that is currently taking advantage of the new Itunes access. It’s a Numark release called IDJ that enables mix tape/mix sequence creation with “patented” auto Beatmatching technology. It appears to be a really simplified version of Ableton’s sequence view where you can lay out a mix and draw in transitions with automatic tempo matching. Perhaps for a quick and dirty tempo-matched playlist, this might be a handy tool to have around.

More info here

What do you think of these apps? We are still waiting with baited breath for all the crazy controller apps that will surely surface once MIDI-In and Out is finally released in 4.2. A preview of what might be coming is the following video; weird out of the box interfaces that combine animated graphics, multi -touch and a smidgen of magic.

Additional reading:
Dj Apps for the Ipad

Thursday, November 18, 2010

LG "Radio 2.0" (2010)

Y&R Brasil ( ) created a campaign for LG called "Life´s Good Lab", where users of Facebook can create ideas of some new products for the brand. The movie script was done by Y&R. We did the movie direction, storyboards, art direction, edition and we produced the animations with Aleksander Saharovsky ( ). The illustrations were done by Patricia Campinas (​photos/​patricia_campinas ). The soundtrack was developed by Cromo.sônica ( ).

To view this movie in QuickTime format, please visit:​rmax/​w_lg_radio.htm

Rmax Studio
Direction + Motion, 2010          

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tron Legacy Final Trailer

Tron Legacy Final Trailer: fom Computerlove


Tron Legacy last and final trailer was released today; the preview
includes never before seen footage and a closer look at Kevin Flynn's
(Clu 2.0) digital double (reconstruction). Not sure how Digital Domain pull this off, but can't wait to read more about it.

Apple has a glorious 1080 QT version

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Google Street View by Sehsucht Berlin

Google Street View by Sehsucht Berlin: form Computerlove

Sehsucht Berlin, the German Motion Design Studio, has produced an Internet film for Google Street View. The spot directed by Sehsucht's Mate Steinforth (ex-PSYOP NY) allows you to cross all continents in under 1 minute 15 sec. - just like Google Street View lets you travel the world without moving out of your chair. The spot illustrates the claim for the overall print, TV and online campaign, 'Life is a Journey', which started in early November 2010 and was created by Hamburg agency Kolle Rebbe.



Client: Google Germany GmbH
Marketing Director: Barbara Daliri Freyduni
Head of Consumer Marketing: Tua Slöör
Product Marketing Manager: Melanie Blaschke
Associate Product Marketing Manager: Fabian Teichmüller

Agency: Kolle Rebbe GmbH
Art Direction: Thomas Knüwer
Consultant: Katrin Becker
Producer: Nina Svechtarov

Production: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co KG
Director: Mate Steinforth
Design: Helge Kiehl, Christian Zschunke, Mate Steinforth
Compositing: Helge Kiehl
3D: Hannes Weikert, Philipp Brömme, Alex Glawion
Stop Motion: Lucas Zanotto, Christian Zschunke, Helge Kiehl
Producer: Nadine Sklodowski, Julia Rudloff (PA)
Music & Sound Design: KAMP Music & Sound Design

Table Connect for iPhone

Table Connect for iPhone: from Computerlove
Connect an iPhone to a large touchscreen table that enables you to control everything just like on the phone...

Adobe Photoshop iPad Concept

Adobe Photoshop iPad Concept: from Computerlove
Looks like Adobe is playing around with a concept app for the iPad that would allow users to mix color, switch tools, sort layers and more. Could be extremely useful when a second display isn't available. Check it out.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

MIDI- Coming Soon on a Ipad near you..

MIDI- Coming Soon on a Ipad near you..: from DJtechtools

The controller world will, once again, get shaken up very soon. In its next Ipad update, IOS 4.2- now available to developers and ready for public any day now, Apple will officially support MIDI input and output to the Ipad. Are you ready for dozens of midi controller apps equipped with gyroscope, acceleration and multi touch functionality? I know we are! Read on for the Dj TechTools inside scoop on this exciting new development.


I am most excited about the potential of connecting devices like the Midi-Fighter, which consume very little power, to the Ipad which now has access to a full Itunes music library. Together these two could be a micro dj world that promises to be a lot of fun in a very light package! Direct MIDI support means you may actually be able to use existing MIDI equipment, where previously any hardware connected to the Ipad required a special license and had to pay a steep fee!

Alternatively, if you already own an Ipad- you may have soon have access to dozens of virtual controllers that can be endlessly configured and tuned to suit your needs. The new CORE midi functionality on the Ipad means that developers can easily make midi controller apps that work with your dj software. There are some limitations to touch based controllers though. As we all know, djs love their knobs and faders but the Ipad also brings a lot of exciting new controls to the table including:

  • gyroscope
  • acceleration
  • multi touch functionality

Almost none of which exist on existing hardware controllers meaning this next round of Ipad “dj” apps might be taken a lot more seriously.

Sources tell us:

You will be able to send MIDI over a network (Wifi)

  • Latency can get troublesome over a crowded network
  • Latency can be an issue with interference in the signal
  • Computer to computer networks and dedicated airport express set ups should work the best.
  • This would work right away using traditional midi over network systems that already exist in MAC OS

MIDI IN and OUT will be available over USB

  • This will require the camera adapter
  • USB power will be very limited so the IPAD won’t be able to run power hungry Midi controllers
  • A powered USB hub could be used to solve this issue
  • While using the USB/camera adapter, you can’t charge or transfer juice, so the Ipad may run out of power rapidly depending on the app.

This will all be done via a very similar API to the desktop computers using standard MIDI communication. That means a properly set up app should just show up as a standard MIDI device in your dj software. Configure, map and jam away. Long gone are the early days of sketchy intermediary programs that bridge the gap between Ipad and MIDI. Woop Woop!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Traktor S4 Videos: Fresh Routines by Ean Golden

New Traktor S4 Videos: Fresh Routines by Ean Golden: from DJTechtools

Check out another intense video of Ean re-constructing Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train” after the break, plus a tutorial covering how to pull off some of the tricks yourself!


If you’re interested in checking out Ean live, please visit his fan page on Facebook and say hello! Gigs and music updates will be posted there in the future.
Additional Watching:
The 10-Minute Midi-Fighter Mix

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hypnotic Projections and Light Art from the Mapping Festival, in Videos

Hypnotic Projections and Light Art from the Mapping Festival, in Videos: from Create Digital Motion

Opening night of Mapping Festival 2010
Featuring : D-Fuse / Raphael Diluzio / Alex Posada / Herman Kolgen / Granular Synthesis / Matthias Oostrik / Solo-Matine & Delko.

video by Jerome Monnot and Vania Jaikin Miyazaki.
extra footage : Camille Dedieu and Ilan Katin.

The Mapping Festival is an event dedicated to being a “laboratory for the VJing discipline,” a visualist extravaganza of light and performance. Founded by the creators of Mac VJ app Modul8 and Zoo/Usine, the Fest has just released a couple of videos of this year’s installment, held earlier this year in Geneva, Switzerland.
The video at top covers the whole lineup, with perhaps surprisingly minimal, element visuals that hone in on human visual responses on the atomic level (quite literally in the case of “Particle”). Perhaps most intriguing is Matthias Oostrik’s “Mirror of Broken Time”; through the reflections of a shattered mirror, he finds audience members strangely compelled to gaze at their own image as they watch the piece. Particles, dust, and geometric reductionism otherwise feature heavily.

D-Fuse / Raphael Diluzio / Alex Posada / Herman Kolgen / Granular Synthesis / Matthias Oostrik / Solo-Matine & Delko.
We’ve seen Alex Posada’s work before, but there’s a terrific new interview from this year’s festival as he talks about his entrancing, pulsing particle of light. He says he conceives this work as a kind of musical score, rendered in light.

Interview at Mapping Festival 2010 from Alex Posada on Vimeo.
More on Mapping Fest, including the 2011 call for works (deadline: November 20):