Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moullinex: “Darkest Night” Video

Moullinex: “Darkest Night” Video:re-blog from La.Ga.Sta.

Moullinex’s“Darkest Night”, one of the standout tracks from his excellent full-length debut, “Flora”, gets an official music video. The new single, which features vocals from Iwona Swkarek (of Polish duo Rebeka), is out now on Gomma Records, backed with some fine remixes by Xinobi and Kris Menace & Pwndtiac. Peep the video above, and make sure to check out Xinobi’s take on “Darkest Night” below. It’s a great one!
Directed by Silvio Teixeira.

Avengers Visual FX

Avengers Visual FX:

I just finished recording 3 hours of training for the Explosive Train sequence so while I finish editing that… check out this amazing demo from ILM on the VFX work for The Avengers. 3 Hours of recorded training is probably 1.5 hours after editing out rendering and bad jokes. Stay tuned, it’s a big series.

VTLZR @Zenith Paris

VTLZR @Zenith Paris:re-blog from 1024 Architecture
Wow, just wow.

We had an amazing show this week end at the Paris Zenith – the show was sold out -

Here are some pictures, which unfortunately do not properly render the mood of the show, as the lights were moving amazingly fast, in sync to the music.

Since we were playing “at home”, we had the opportunity to add a few fixtures to the setup, namely 20 Martin Viper, 20 more Shaprys (60 in total) and a grand total of 32 Atomic Strobs, all remotely controlled by Vitalic’s computer – on stage – from Ableton Live.
It was the perfect show according to our standards, everything went fine, despite 2 computer reboot during the show – thanks to the super tech team nobody noticed – and some heavy hum coming from the Midi cable … grrrr
Next show is in Cran-Montana, Swiss.




And the last one, which looks like a proof that 1024 is actually bending the light … ;) Space Warp anyone ?


James Yuill: “Turn Yourself Around” Video

James Yuill: “Turn Yourself Around” Video:re-blog from La.Ga.Sta

Filmed in the desert of Tabernas in southern Spain, here’s the official video for James Yuill’s brilliant new single “Turn Yourself Around”, taken from his upcoming third album “These Spirits”, which drops on March 18th via his own label The Happy Biscuit Club.
The video, which features Daniel Taylor, is based on “the Greek myth of Sisyphus who was condemned to push a boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back downhill and to repeat this task forever.” James Yuill’s pledge music campaign is still running, so get involved here.
Directed by Alex Emslie.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Abies Electronicus 2.0 videoReport

Abies Electronicus 2.0 videoReport:
Finally, here’s the video report of Abies Electronicus,

shot in Brussels, BE, 2012.
technical info for da nerd:

4 Video Projectors 20k @1024*768

each projector was Space Scanned using MadMapper

Custom QC based software

26 LED rgb fixtures

DMX flashlights

DMX control over the existing facades

Lots of custom QC plugins

Running entirely off a single MacPro